There’s no Martini Cocktail without Vermouth. There’s no Negroni without Vermouth. And of course, there’s no Vermuttino without Vermouth. 

On the 21st of March, we are going to celebrate the history and the power of the most elegant aromatized and fortified wine.  

Created by Giancarlo Mancino, the Vermouth Day will see its first edition in 2021.

The date, which corresponds with the period of the beginning of the spring season, is no coincidence. To celebrate this product with innate grace, we need a period of the year where everything is flourishing.

The first flowers blooms, the plants becomes increasingly green and the scents in the air are so many and so diverse that you want to trap them all inside a bottle.

On the Vermouth Day we want to celebrate Vermouth in all its forms, without barriers. Vermouths from every country, colour and flavour, each with its own production method.

Today, more than ever, there is a need for union, just as the spices are combined into a bottle of Vermouth.

Here is the Vermouth Day, a way to celebrate one of the greatest cocktail ingredient of all the time.

A whole day in which we can all strengthen our community by raising up a glass of Negroni, a Martini Cocktail or a Highball.

Reminding us that a “cheers” is more powerful than anything else.